Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali laid to rest

    Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali laid to rest

    June 11, Washington DC: Over a 100,000 people lined up at the streets to bid their Boxing hero Muhammad Ali goodbye as he was being laid to rest in his hometown in the US state of Kentucky.

    Ali's private burial ceremony on Friday took place at the Louisville's Cave Hill Cemetery, and it was followed by a memorial service, attended by world leaders including former US president Bill Clinton, who in his tribute to the American boxer said, " Ali, is a truly free man of faith".
    As the interfaith funeral service got under way, a large crowd of fans consisting of over 15,000 people burst into applause and chanted, "Ali! Ali!"
    Lonnie Ali, widow of the boxing legend, said her husband was "proof that adversity can make you stronger", growing up in a segregated country. "If Muhammad did not like the rules, he would rewrite them. His religion, his name, his beliefs, were his to fashion, no matter what the cost, " she said.

    Kevin Cosby, pastor of a Louisville church, said Ali "dared to love America's most unloved race", referring to African-Americans.
    People had also lined the streets threw flowers, and shouted, "Ali! Ali!", as the hearse carrying his body pulled out of the funeral home. Others carried banners and photos of Ali.

    Ali had passed away last week at the age of 74.

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