The Missing Swan

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    Garrard Hayes

    Author's Name: Garrard Hayes

    About Author: Garrard Hayes is a crime writer, blogger and digital designer. His love of action, crime fiction and American movie culture sparked him to write his first novel, Bourbon & Blood. He lives in New York with his wife, two children and three dogs. Read More


    Publisher: Cigarjuice Press

    Price: 13.99

    Page: 340

    Former war hero Bill Conlin is on the run from U.S. authorities, but he is also planning to take out Russian mafia kingpin Viktor Tsapok, who double-crossed him in New York and left him for dead. Bill lands a spot on a container ship bound for St. Petersburg.

    While at sea, he secures a new “crew” in the bearish Ukrainian Yuri and his cronies, the Belinsky brothers. He also makes a new brutal enemy in Vlad Agargimov, a connected Russian gangster. Now he must rely on his cunning and strength to take down his enemies. But all Bill really craves is a life of quiet normalcy - a life that seems more elusive than any vengeful victory. 

    The Oslo Times