A Kiss At Kihali

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    Ruth Harris

    Author's Name: Ruth Harris

    About Author: Ruth Harris is a million-copy New York Times and Amazon bestselling author and a Romantic Times award winner for "best contemporary." Her novels have sold millions of copies, translated into 19 languages, sold in 30 countries, and were prominent selections of leading book clubs including the Literary Guild and the Book Of The Month Club. Read More


    Publisher: Word International

    Price: 2.99

    Page: 102

    A Kiss At Kihali tells a sensitive love story set in an African animal orphanage. At the same time, the novel aims to draw attention to the danger faced by vulnerable animals threatened by criminal poaching. The beauty of Africa and the dedication of the people, foreign and Kenyan, devoted to the care and conservation of wildlife and the environment, form the background of this entertaining and well-reviewed novel.