Bangladesh detained 900 Islamist suspects held in crackdown

    Bangladesh detained 900 Islamist suspects held in crackdown

    June 10, Dhaka: Bangladesh has detained about 900 suspected militants following a series of attacks on minority and secular citizens, police said.

    Police launched operations overnight against Islamist extremists suspected of involvement in the attacks.

    Over the past few years, about 40 people, including secular bloggers, academics and members of religious minorities, have been killed in attacks in the country.

    On Friday, a Hindu monastery worker was hacked to death in Pabna district.

    Nityaranjan Pande, 62, died on the spot after several people attacked him, reports said.

    In the past week, a Hindu priest, a Christian grocer, and the wife of an anti-terror police officer were all killed in attacks by suspected militants.

    According to reports, secular bloggers, academics, gay rights activists, and other members of religious minorities are also among those to have been killed in recent months.

    Police have made a list of suspects wanted for more than 40 targeted killings over the past three years, based on intelligence reports, a senior police officer, who asked to remain anonymous, BBC reported.

    About 900 suspects had been arrested and the number could increase further, the officer added.

    Bangladesh has a majority Muslim population with Hindus making up about eight percent.

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