Baby Asha to be sent to Nauru after recovery

    Baby Asha to be sent to Nauru after recovery

    Feb 22, Canberra: The one year old Baby girl Asha who was being treated for severe burns has been released from Hospital and will be sent back to the detention centre in Nauru according to Brisbane's Lady Cilento Hospital on Monday.

    Though the baby is now at a community detention centre she will be moved back to Nauru after she recover's, said Immigration minister Peter Dutton.

    The doctors had previously refused to discharge the one-year-old, who was being treated for serious burns, unless she was provided a "suitable home environment", which had sparked protests outside Brisbane's Lady Cilento Hospital in support of the doctors.
    Asha will now stay with her family, including her mother, in community detention centre and their movements will be restricted and monitored by an immigration officer, according to authorities.

    "We are not going to allow people smugglers to get out a message that if you seek assistance in an Australian hospital, that somehow that is your formula to becoming an Australian citizen," he told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.
    "I couldn't be any clearer - once the medical assistance has been provided and the legal issues resolved, people will go back to Nauru."

    The Oslo Times