Australia launches first air strikes against IS in Syria

    Australia launches first air strikes against IS in Syria

    Sept.16, Sydney: Australia has launched airstrike against Islamic State (IS) in Syria for the first time as a part of an international military coalition targeting IS strongholds in Syria and Iraq, Australian government said.

    Three air strikes were made on Monday, destroying an IS armoured personnel carrier and a crude oil collection point, the US said in a statement
    Australia's air force has been bombing IS targets in Iraq for about 12 months.

    Fifteen air strikes were carried out in Iraq, using attack, bomber, fighter, fighter-attack and remotely piloted aircraft, the statement said.

    Australia's Defence Minister Kevin Andrews said two RAAF hornets identified the personnel carrier, hidden in an IS compound. "One of the Hornets employed a precision guided weapon to destroy the target," Andrews said.

    Australia will work within very strict rules of engagement, and those rules of engagement are to ensure as far as possible that we don't have unwanted civilian casualties.

    The Oslo Times


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