Australia in talks to send refugees back

    Australia in talks to send refugees back

    Oct.9, Sydney: Australian government is in talks with different governments to send back the refugees who have reached Australian shores illegally.

    Immigration Minister of Australia Peter Dutton says that the government has been in talks with several countries, including the Philippines, about possibly resettling its refugees in those nations.

    Australia already has a multi-million dollar deal to resettle refugees from an Australia-run detention camp on the Pacific nation of Nauru to Cambodia. But so far, only four refugees have taken up the offer of cash, free health insurance and accommodation to move from Nauru to the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh.

    The deal has been widely condemned by human rights groups, who say the southeast Asian nation is hardly an ideal home for refugees given its long history of poverty, corruption and human rights abuses.

    The Oslo Times


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