Aussie Police nab man trying to fly to Syria

    Aussie Police nab man trying to fly to Syria

    June 15, Canberra: A young Australian man described by police as a "lone wolf" has been nabbed by counter-terrorism officers at Sydney Airport on Thursday after five months of surveillance on suspicion of planning to fly to Syria to fight with Islamic State group militants, police said.

    Moudasser Taleb, 22, took a taxi to the airport to buy a ticket to travel overseas and was carrying army-style clothing and survival clothing when he was arrested, New South Wales Police Deputy Commissioner Dave Hudson said.
    Taleb, of Middle Eastern background, was known to police for minor matters and was on their radar when his behaviour became more concerning. An investigation was launched in January.

    "We believe he was acting alone in this particular act and was radicalized by himself," Hudson told reporters.rPolice charged Taleb with preparing for an incursion into a foreign country with the intention to carry out violent acts on Thursday evening."We are alleging through online communication he was radicalized and then made a decision to travel overseas and fight for Islamic State," he added.

    Taleb has been refused bail and will appear before Sydney's Central Local Court on Friday.

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