Atrocities against Hindus growing in Bangladesh

    1447059692650.jpg By Chandan Sarkar
    Atrocities against Hindus growing in Bangladesh Hindu priest Shree Gopal Das Babaji declared dead upon arriving to hospital

    July 2, Dhaka: Atrocities on minority Hindus in Bangladesh is growing every minute. There is not a single day in the last few weeks where the Hindu priest has not hacked to death or death threats have not sent out to them.

    This time round in the Uttar Kastogora village of Jhinaidah sadar, Sree Sree Radhamadan Temple Priest Shree Gopal Das Baba Ji -45 was killed on Friday, while preparing for his early prayers and picking flowers to put on the feet of lord Krishna's temple.

    According to eyewitnesses, three persons with sharp weapons and pulled him onto the road and slit his throat with the sharp objects. Likewise, a few days back another Hindu priest had been killed by unknown terrorists, the same way.

    Additionally, Superintendent of Police Jhenaidah Mr Ajabahar Ali Sheikh, told The Oslo Times that the three men came in a Black color motorcycle and the priest had died enroute to the hospital.

    The Oslo Times International News Network


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