At least 18 dead in Taliban attack in Afghanistan

    At least 18 dead in Taliban attack in Afghanistan

    May 27, Kabul: At least 18 people have been killed and scores injured including atleast two children, in a suicide car bombing in the eastern Afghan city of Khost, according to the local media.

    According to  the information ministry the attacker targeted police vehicles in the centre of Khost. 

    There has been a surge in violence in several parts of Afghanistan recently - much of it involving the Taliban.On Friday at least 15 soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack on a military base in Kandahar province.

    Saturday's bombing took place as the country marked the first day of Ramadan, a month of prayer and fasting for Muslims. It was detonated near a military base, officials say. 

    The ministry has also stated that the Taliban has claimed responsibility for the car bomb that rocked Khost city at 8.30am local time Saturday.

    The Oslo Times International News Network


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