American woman held in China for spying suspicion

    American woman held in China for spying suspicion

    Sept.22, Washington: An American woman has been detained by Chinese authorities for the past six months on suspicion of spying for Washington, her husband said.

    Sandy Phan-Gillis’s husband Jeff Gillis, said that Phan had been arrested on Sunday, two days before Chinese President Xi Jinping was due to arrive for a state visit to the US.

    The New York Times reports that she has now been arrested, citing her husband and lawyer. The US government has not commented. Her family denies the allegations.

    Sandy Phan-Gillis, a naturalised American born in Vietnam, was detained in March, during a trade visit to promote the Texan state capital, Houston.

    According to Save Sandy, a website campaigning for her release, she has spent six months in so-called "residential detention", which it equates to house arrest.
    The Oslo Times


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