Afghanistan: Army ends Taliban siege at a army base

    Afghanistan: Army ends Taliban siege at a army base

    Apr 22, Kabul: The Afghan army has ended a Taliban attack on one of its bases that killed around 70 soldiers, according to officials.
    Fighting lasted several hours in the northern Balkh province.

    An army spokesman said the insurgents targeted those leaving Friday prayers at the base's mosque, as well as others in a canteen.The Taliban claimed the attack in a statement, and said they used suicide bombers to breach the defences. At least 10 Taliban militants were killed in the fighting at the military headquarters in the town of Mazar-e-Sharif.

    The Taliban fighters wore army uniforms and drove through military checkpoints before launching the raid, a military spokesman said.
    US military spokesman John Thomas described the attack as a "significant" strike, but he praised the Afghan commandos for bringing the "atrocity to an end".

    The base at Mazar-e-Sharif is home to the Afghan National Army's 209th Corps, responsible for providing security to most of northern Afghanistan, including Kunduz province - which has seen heavy recent fighting.

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