Afghan President: our people cannot tolerate imposed war anymore

    1480488093848.jpg By Ewaz Ali Arman
    Afghan President: our people cannot tolerate imposed war anymore

    Dec 1, Kabul: The Presidential Palace of Afghanistan has released a statement and said Muhammad Ashraf Ghani the president of Afghanistan was met to acting US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Ms. Laura Miller.
    According The Presidential Palace statement: "in this meeting, Ms. Laura Miller discussed the situation in the region, Afghanistan and Pakistan ties and her work in this regard."

    On the other hand, The President of Afghanistan AshrafGhani the strongest told Laura Miller that war been imposed on Afghanistan and is being planned and managed without the government of Afghanistan's involvement by outsiders.Ghani declared Afghan people cannot tolerate terrorist attacks and imposed war anymore according Presidential Palace’s statement.

    Ashraf Ghani focused to impose war on Afghanistan in his speak and strongly said the foreign management of war in Afghanistan is clear to all and cannot be hidden anymore.Afghan President declared:" our people, the original victims of terrorism, do not have patience for terrorist attacks and wars organized and imposed on them from the outside. He further added that if this imposed war continues Afghans  will not only continue to defend their country, but will also, "seek alternative ways and take action."


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