Afghan civilians demand justice for deaths by US airstrikes

    Afghan civilians demand justice for deaths by US airstrikes

    June 16, Kabul: Relatives of  civilians who were killed by foreign forces and disfigured by heavy US fire in the country have demanding for justice.

    An Afghan father and two of his sons, who they say were killed and disfigured by heavy US fire in the country’s Nangarhar province, told RT they demand the American troops be punished. The US military says it’s unaware of civilian casualties.

    The incident took place in the Ghani Khel district, in the southern Nangarhar province on Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan, early Monday.

    The US military command in Kabul said that a convoy was hit by a roadside bomb, which was followed with an attack by armed militants, Reuters reported.

    “The convoy returned fire in self-defense and there were no US casualties,” the command said in a statement, adding that no civilian casualties were reported.“He woke up to see what happened. The US troops [who were on a tank] thought that Zir Gul Khan was a terrorist and opened fire, killing Zir Gul Khan and his two sons,” the police said in a statement.

    The man’s nephew, Ziya Rahman, who was lucky to survive the attack, told RT, “When the explosion happened, I was near with my uncle and cousins. American soldiers opened fire, and a bullet flew by my face. I ran and hid, and came out only a few hours later. My uncle and cousins were dead, so I went to the village to tell everyone.”

    Zir Gul and his sons were basically torn apart by the US gunfire, with his uncle Ghulam Ahmad saying: “It was horrible what the Americans did to them. Even I couldn’t recognize their bodies.”

    The tragedy left 12 of Zir Gul’s children, six sons and as many daughters, without their provider.

    The kids who are now facing a struggle for survival, are both shocked by their father’s death and full of anger. 

    The Oslo Times International News Network


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