Afghan and Chinese leaders meet in Kazakhstan

    1480488093848.jpg By Ewaz Ali Arman
    Afghan and Chinese leaders meet in Kazakhstan

    June 8, Kabul: Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani has met his Chinese counterpart during the sideline meeting at Shanghai, summit in Kazakhstan on Thursday Jun 8, 2017.

    Ghani’s office said in a statement that Afghanistan and China Presidents have spoken about security, political relationship, Peace, stability, fight against terrorism and economic cooperation. The Afghan President strongly declared that terrorism is a common danger for all countries in the world and region. He further added terrorism is the enemy of civilization and humanity all countries must stand together for hard fighting against terrorism.

    On the other hand Chinese President Xi Jinping said China is ready to support Afghan army with modern military equipment.
    He declared China is ready to launch a trilateral summit between Afghanistan. Pakistan and China in the future for speaking about supporting peace to Afghan government leadership.

    Ghani travelled to Kazakhstan on Wednesday afternoon to participate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit. Shanghai summit that opened in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan on Thursday Jun, 8 up to Friday for two days according the summit’s schedule.

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