A senior Afghan commander killed in chopper crash

    1480488093848.jpg By Ewaz Ali Arman
    A senior Afghan commander killed in chopper crash

    Nov 30, Kabul:  Muhayuddin Ghori the commander for the Zafar 207 corpin western zone of Afghanistan has died in a helicopter crash on Tuesday afternoon Nov 29, 2016 Afghan security officials confirmed.

    Ghori, was killed after the chopper crash landed at the Afghan National Army base Badghis the western province of Afghanistan the ministry of defense of Afghanistan said.Afghanistan defense ministry in a statement on Wednesday declared the helicopter had been carrying high-ranking officials from Herat to Badghis at the time of the crash.

    Meanwhile,  Abdul Rauf Taj the police chief of Badghis said this helicopter crashed at 3 PM (local time) in the  Murichan area in Bala Morghab district of Badghis the western province.He added the helicopter had plummeted due to technical complications and the commander for the Zafar 207 of Afghan army killed and 8 other including heads of National Security of Badghis, Security Officer and a member of the provincial council have been wounded.

    But despite official claims a Taliban group in Afghanistan has released a statement claiming responsibility for the event.

    The Oslo Times International News Network


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