A mother of 2 gang raped on a bus in India

    A mother of 2 gang raped on a bus in India

    June 5, New Delhi: A 28 year old woman and mother of two was gang raped in front of her three-year old girl, who hid in the back during the attack, she is also the sole witness to the brutal gang rape of her mother and death of her baby brother.

    A 28-year-old woman was reportedly attacked on a private bus in Utter Pradesh by two men while her daughter was hiding in the corner.The pair forced the woman to drink alcohol before the rape occurred, and so she was unable to explain the attack to the police, the Times of India reports.

    However, her three-year-old daughter had witnessed the whole ordeal, and told the police what had happened.There are conflicting reports about exactly what happened to the woman’s 14 –day-old son, with the Times of India saying he was “flung to death by the two assailants”, while The Indian Express said that the boy “reportedly fell from her lap and died”.

    Two men - conductor Ishwari Prasad and helper Shiv Kumar - both residents of Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly district, have since been arrested and charged with gang rape and culpable homicide not accounting to murder - and will also be charged under the Gangster Act.

    The Indian Express says the incident happened at a bus station in Shishgarh, which is 50 kilometers from Bareilly.

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