123 people die as oil tanker catches fire in Pakistan

    123 people die as oil tanker catches fire in Pakistan

    June 25, Islamabad: At least 123 people were burnt to death when an oil tanker caught fire after it overturned in Bahawalpur's Ahmed Pur Sharqia on Sunday morning.

    Seventy-five others were severely injured and taken to Bahawal Victoria Hospital and District Headquarters Hospital Sharqia in critical condition. According to Rescue 1122 most of those taken to the hospitals got 70% burn injuries, while more deaths are feared.

    People in the area had gathered to collect fuel that was leaking from the oil tanker after it toppled over, said the rescue sources. Eyewitnesses said some people in the vicinity were smoking cigarettes, which could have ignited the fire. Dozens of vehicles, including 75 motorbikes and four cars, were engulfed in the blaze that erupted in Pul Paka near the National Highway.

    According to rescue sources, identities of the deceased cannot be ascertained without obtaining their DNA sample, as their bodies were badly burnt in the incident.

    The Oslo Times International News Network