Iran hanged 11 prisoners after adopting UN resolution

    Iran hanged 11 prisoners after adopting UN resolution

    Nov 26, Baghdad: At least 11 prisoners have been executed in Iran violating the United Nations General Assembly resolution which was adopted on November 19.

    Experts said that the hangings continues in Iran after the third committee of the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning rights violation on 19 November, news reports said.

    The Iranian regime hanged Alireza Shahi, a 25 year old prisoner, along with four other prisoners in Gohardasht (Rajai Shahr) Prison on Tuesday, despite calls by international organisations. He had been in prison for seven years since age 18.

    According to media reports, two prisoners were executed in Tabriz central prison on November 23. Four other prisoners, including a female prisoner by the name of Hajar Safari, were also executed on November 12 in this prison.

    Regime’s henchmen hanged three Baluchi compatriot prisoners in Zahedan central prison on November 21. On that day, a 25-year-old prisoner by the name of Mehdi Boudineh was executed in Zabol central prison.

    Execution of a prisoner in Miandoab prison and a Pakistani prisoner by the name of Mohammad Younes Jamal-e-dini at Zahedan Central prison were carried out on November 18.

    These executions, together with the hanging of another four prisoners in Karaj Central Prison were among the other crimes perpetrated by the Iranian regime in the past two weeks.

    These criminal executions, particularly a few days after the adoption of a resolution condemning human rights violations in Iran, bespeaks of the confrontation of the Iranian regime with the international community and it amplifies the need to refer the file of human rights violations in Iran to the UN Security Council, local news report said.

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